Industrial and Commercial Finance

Whether you need help covering cut and fill operations, substantial landscaping, landfill engineering, a ground works package, recycling, quarrying or mining Rural Finance can help you to finance your operation.

We understand the need for you to keep your project moving forward and provide a competitive price and as a company that dealt with over £120 million pounds of business last year we also understand how to handle large projects so we really can help you finance your project.

So whether it’s a new excavator, a Treater Manifold for your fracking operation, a Mini Digger or large landscaping operation Rural Finance can provide you with the finance solutions best suited to your needs.

Rural Finance can help you create a physical and financial plan to assist you. Below are a small list of where Rural Finance can help you:

  • Fixed plant & equipment
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Buildings, permanent and temporary
  • Drill operational equipment

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