Dairy Herd Finance

“British dairy herds are already preparing for increased foreign competition as Europe gets ready to end from next year onwards its system of milk quotas that were first introduced in 1984 to stem the problems of “butter mountains.”

Are you thinking of increasing the size of your dairy herd? As the leading UK finance brokerage and specialists in this market Rural Finance can assist you with 100% finance available up to 3yrs. We can help you with your finance in exactly the same way we can help with a new tractor.

Whether you want to replace some of your cows because of loss or because of falling yields you want to build up your herd.

Rural Finance can help you create a physical and financial plan to assist your expansion and help you achieve the growth in a more efficient way. Below are a small list of aspects to take into account:

  • Cow numbers
  • Heifer replacement
  • Cow sheds
  • Parlour capacity
  • Labour
  • Extra food production
  • Waste management

Potential Benefits:

  • Positive impact on your cash-flow
  • Reduction in pressure on cash balances
  • Increase in milk production pays for purchase
  • Increase in cattle improves overall herd performance

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