Allflex Group – a key livestock producers tool

The Allflex Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of animal identification technology – helping livestock producers use individual animal information as a key management tool.

Allflex manufacture and distribute Alligator mobile sheep handling systems, and distribute Prattley mobile sheep and cattle handling systems and TruTest electronic weighing solutions.

SCR Heatime is also part of the Allflex Group and offers dairy and beef producers a real time monitoring solution (for health, nutrition and fertility) that can maximize herd efficiency through the provision of individual cow monitoring data.

How can Allflex help you ?

Efficient and profitable livestock production is becoming increasingly reliant on accurate and real time data which, when interpreted, can be used to make informed management decisions.

The collection, monitoring and archiving of this data provides “intelligence” on key management parameters such as performance, efficiency, welfare and genetic progress. Use of intelligence in this way is increasingly a key to sustainable production.

Using the livestock handling systems from Allflex and integrating them with Electronic ID (EID) tags and TruTest weighing and monitoring equipment can help to maximize efficiency and profitability of your livestock enterprise.

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